Our Treats

 Our hand-decorated Sugar Cookies are the ideal way to add some sparkle to your event!
Made to fit in with party or color themes, these cookies are decorated with a Vanilla Royal Icing and can be displayed for easy munching, or packaged up as the ideal Favor!
We love to work with ideas you already have, or are happy to collaborate with you on something new!
Combine your favorite Cake flavor with smooth Chocolate and you'll get Cake Bites!
These tasty treats are perfect for any kind of party including Birthdays, Showers and Weddings!
Packaged by the dozen they also make excellent gifts for any occasion!
Cake Bites/Inverted Pops/Cake Pops
$18 /$21/$24 per dozen
We aim to provide Cakes that are great for any occasion, including small informal gatherings, but that also fit in with more glitzy events! To stay true to the ideals behind Snickety Snacks, all Cakes are only offered in a 7" round size. Cakes are made by order, so as always, you're guaranteed a fresh and beautiful dessert!
All Cakes start at $45 each
Cupcakes are here to stay! We have a variety of cake and frosting options, and every Cupcake order comes with your choice of colored frosting and sprinkles included!

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