A Little Side Project Love

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I've said it before, sometimes we just need to recharge our batteries over here at Snickety Snacks. What better way than finding inspiring designs/creations and getting them on our Sugar Cookies?! Seriously, we live for this. Cards have been on my(Brittanie) mind lately, and here are two I couldn't resist(we checked with the artists to get their approval to share, all good there!). We'll play a little show and tell with the inspiration first and then give up the goods on what we did with it!
First up, a card that anyone would love to receive...
 Seriously, how perfect is that? The Popcorn and Butter design is brilliant, and the message has just enough sass in it to make me smile. Alyson is the talent behind Old Dirt Hill on Etsy and after letting her know we borrowed this image she re-listed the card for you to buy, as well as it's three instant download buddies that will be on Sugar Cookies in the near future! Here's what we did...

Fun right? We couldn't leave the Cookies alone so Cake Bites and Pops made an appearance too!
Can you tell I'm a little in love with the message? Yep, the other 3 cards are happening soon.

Alright, side project number 2-If you're Sexy or Dyslexic raise your hand!
I found this creation of James T. Edmondson somewhere on Pinterest months ago, and a few weeks ago when a spare cookie went wrong and ended up too big, Voila! I had a blank canvas for this...
James saw the result via our Instagram page and liked it, and after looking up what he creates, I realized it's not the only eye-catching creation of his. Any Font Snobs out there? Does Lavenderia sound familiar? Yeah, that's one of his. Just a smidge famous to us, we always go back to that one when we're hunting for fonts to use on cookies. Small world!

So that's a little of what we've been doing lately. Wendy is in the middle of another cute set at the moment, and I'm sure we'll have some new ones to share soon! 

Rockin' the Country.....Concert Cookies!

To say that I(Brittanie) have a love of music is an understatement, and that love doesn't reside in just one genre. Country music recently got a taste of our Concert Cookies, and I believe they were a hit of their own! 
 Dan+Shay opened the show in Virginia a few weeks ago and they were amazing. Total performers in the best sense, and such sweet guys too. Our Meet&Greet with them resulted in a signed Concert Cookie(our favorite thing!), and a great shot of the talented duo. Too fun!
 Miss Danielle Bradbery was up next, the excellent winner from a recent season of The Voice. Super cute, and holy smokes her voice was amazing. 
 Hunter Hayes was up next, and as the headliner he did not disappoint. That guy has some incredible energy and the whole place was feeling it. He's got some songs that I've been hooked on for a while, and the new album coming out soon will be on my to-buy list. His Concert Cookie was inspired by the 'Invisible' artwork released with the song and I love the result.
 Now for a new twist on these Concert Cookies of ours! We love seeing the large versions shared via the artists' social media, and typically that results in a bunch of fans finding out about us, which we are so grateful for! We're happy to introduce the Mini Concert Cookies!
From now on, each concert we attend and bring large Cookies to will also have a mini version, one we give out to random music lovers who are there at the show too. Dan+Shay were amazing enough to sign their mini, and a couple of girls sitting near us won the sweet treat!
A new Instagram friend of ours was lucky enough to win the Danielle Cookie and she signed it for him to!
Make sure you're following us on Instagram and Twitter to see where we're heading next!

Let's Have An Adventure!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hello lovely people! We had a sweet little event a few weeks ago at the gorgeous Silverbrook Farm Bed & Breakfast in Hillsboro, VA with the cute couples looking to book their weddings and parties there. First off, the location is amazing. Green hills all around, flowers blooming, it was gorgeous. The best way to describe the house is 'homey'. You immediately feel the love from Dot(the owner) and are surrounded by years of sweet memories, it's wonderful. The barn on the property is fantastic-used for weddings and receptions, as well as all other events. It really is ideal in every way, and we hope to be back soon to cater events!
Now, on to what we added to the fun event! Some of our tried and true favorite like Lemon Cake Bites and Sugar Cookies, as well as some new surprises. We're starting to branch out a bit and we hope you like that additional treat options!
 {The full display - Candy options are now available to add to your well loved Snickety Snacks treats!}
 {Cake Bites - Always a favorite}
 {Chocolate Covered Popcorn is now available to order for parties!}
 {Chocolate Covered Oreos are also available! $24 per dozen}
 {Our super sweet 'Scratchy Swirl' Cake}
 {Cake Pops and Sugar Cookies with Initials as Favor Options}
{Will you be my Bridesmaid? Sugar Cookies}
 {Bite Size Sugar Cookies are perfect little dessert buffet additions}
 {Our 'Ribbon' Cake, with a new beautiful look on top!}
{Hot Air Balloon Sugar Cookies were the cute inspiration for this 'Let's Have An Adventure' dessert buffet}

We're excited to work with you on creating the perfect dessert buffet for your sweet events!

One additional, and very important detail, is the photographer behind these photos! Shauna from Photography DU JOUR  was able to get a few photos before the couples started arriving, as we're so grateful she did. If you're looking for a brilliant wedding photographer, or someone to capture your sweet newborn in their early days, Shauna is your answer!

It's All About The Bunnies and Their Peeps!

Monday, April 7, 2014

While Easter definitely brings out the bunny enthusiast in Wendy, we really ran with it this year with Easter treats!
{Chocolate Covered Oreo Bunny Pops}
 {Chocolate Cake Topped with White Chocolate and Sanding Sugar Marshmallow Carrots
-Also Available as Cupcakes}
 {Bunny and Chicks Peeps Sugar Cookies-An Easter Favorite!}
{Rows of Sweet Little Pastel Bunny Sugar Cookies}

We're taking orders for Easter now so let us know what you love!

{Thank you to Clover Creek Photography for the beautiful pictures!}

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