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Sunday, September 15, 2013

A few months ago Fall Out Boy headed in to DC, and Concert Cookies by Snickety Snacks was born.
4 months later, we had to go for Round 2. We had already used the tour art on the first Cookie, so in an effort to one-up ourselves, we contact Shaun Logan. He made this incredible video about creating this Phoenix poster, and after watching it, I was hooked.
We contacted Shaun and he gave us the go ahead to go at it Cookie style. We had a blast.
 When you factor in the 13"x18" size, this baby is an impressive one for us. 
 Pete got a hold of it before the concert thanks to some amazing timing
Then this happened. Combine this with Panic's Instagram/Twitter posts and my phone was blowing up. It knocked me over how many new followers we got, not to mention all the sweet comments & Likes. All these guys have some die-hard fans, and we love it.

So who's next? We have an idea in mind, but we'd love to hear suggestions! Any favorite band art you think belongs on a gigantic Sugar Cookie? Just let us know!

Panic! at the Disco and Twenty One Pilots

The fact that these two sets of guys opened for Fall Out Boy last week just blew my mind. It was like 3 amazing concerts all smooshed into one, and I was in heaven. This is round 3 of the Concert Cookies, and it's confirmed how much I want to continue doing this is the future - It's Cookie Time!

Twenty One Pilots
This is the song that made me fall in love with these two. (It's actually listening to it right now!) Watching them perform was incredible. They bring a presence as if a dozen people are on stage. Best part though? We met them before the concert!
 They even signed the Cookie(edible ink makers baby!), which we love. 
Fingers crossed for a round two when they come back to the DC area in November-I can't wait to see their tour art!

Now for Panic! at the Disco. This one was a bit of a curveball for us. We actually had a completely different design idea in mind, something incorporating their last album's art/logo, but after getting in contact with their people, a request for current art was given and we ran with it. 
 If you've seen the Miss Jackson music video hopefully the background looks at least a smidge familiar. Wendy, with her incredible painting skills, made that happen with a mix of just 4 colors, and Brendon and Dallon were a bit blown away by it, wahoo!
 Two more Cookie Signers!
 As if they weren't rad enough, later that night they uploaded this to their Instagram, and then gave the Cookie to the barricade-which I absolutely loved! We heard so many sweet comments from other Panic! fans on our Instagram, it was wonderful.

Onto the next - Fall Out Boy!

Hello Beautiful!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Snickety Snacks has a new look! What do you think?
We've been working on this fun little re-branding project for the last few weeks and we're loving the end result. A few shout outs to some wonderfully creative people:

We love Mandy at Style Me Sweet Design for creating our sweet new logo options! Her fonts are so fun, her designs are adorable, and she's super speedy at getting the end results to you. (We also bought our logo in black and white options and she had them ready to go within minutes of getting our Etsy message, she's fantastic!) Looking for a logo? Don't waste your time, just go to Mandy!

Kathy at Nudge Media Design is the glue to this whole thing! She was the hidden talent between overhauling our other blog site, and we went running back to her again for this larger project. Her Online Branding Kit was a perfect match for what we needed, and she's been phenomenal about putting our crazy typed out needs into something real. New blog, FB Timeline, Business Cards and a perfect Sugar Cookie Pricing Sheet are all in our possession and we're excited to put them all to work. We're thrilled again with the results, and can't wait for you to see the whole package! Looking to take on a branding project yourself? Kathy is our favorite, hands down!

We love any excuse to have a large photo shoot with all of our treats, and this re-branding was the perfect opportunity. We met a local photographer a few weeks ago and didn't waste any time getting treats in front of her camera. We love you Joanna from Clover Creek Photography! If you think her food photography skills are awesome, you should see the results from her family photo sessions!

Speaking of treats, here's a bunch of our favorites from our new-look shoot with Joanna!
 {One of Wendy's Favorite Shots!}
 {A version of our new logo on a Sugar Cookie!}
 {Thanks to Michele on FB for this cute little cookie quote!}
 Once the 'official' shoot was over, Joanna took a few quick pictures of our 'staging' area. These ended up being some of my favorites!
 {12 different kinds of Sprinkles were used for this shoot!}

As if all of this wasn't enough to keep us happy for a really long time, we also have a new Website!
We've been fans of the Wix 'Create Your Own Website' way of thinking for a few years now. It's easy design tools let us constantly change out photos and information on a whim, and we love the simple and clean look we can achieve. We'd love it if you'd take a few minutes to check it out and tell us what you think! Is it easy to navigate? Enough pictures? Any additional info you'd like to see?

Another fun surprise coming soon will be the option to purchase some of our frequently requested Sugar Cookie sets through the Website! We'll be photographing the sets(Birthday, Bridal, etc.) soon and will let you know when they're available. Holiday/Seasonal sets will also be offered and will change as the months do!   

We hope you like the new look for Snickety Snacks! Thank you again to all the wonderful people who helped make it happen!

Have a Sweet Day!
Brittanie & Wendy

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